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Learn Copywriting by Writing an Insurance Ad In The Same Tone of Voice as Winnie-The-Pooh

Tone of voice is not genre specific. I repeat this sentence to myself every time I start off with a new client. Because it’s, for example, an insurance company, doesn’t mean that I’ve got to write boring ads. Just because some trades are more dull than others, doesn’t mean that my readers and my clients clients got to suffer for it. The client might as well be better of with an ad more in tune with the brand and with the service its providing–not the tradition it belongs to! This assignment helps you understand the importance of a clear and distinct tone of voice in a text. And it’s fun too! Even though it’s about an insurance company. Your personal feedback on this assignment will improve your skills in integrating a distinct tone of voice in your copy.

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Learn Graphic Design by Designing a Logotype Where the Wordmark Is an Ambigram

Bending shapes and viewers perception of how to interpret the shapes you make is a core skill a great graphic designer must train. I’m of the belief that designers need to keep training just like athletes. To be able to see similarities in shapes where to others there is non, and to know how to make them apparent to the untrained eye, that takes contestant practice. This assignment of creating an ambigram, words that can be read from different angles, is the one I use myself to keep in shape, and a urge students to not just do it, but to really focus on how they think when designing anamorphic shapes out of a base shape. My personalized feedback on your work will give you a direction on how to become even better on tweaking great design ideas into solutions that will work for the attitude you need to communicate.

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Learn Copywriting by Writing Display Copy For a Convenience Store

Marketing activities inside the store normally cooks down to a big red star with the price on. But for many copywriters, as myself, it’s a complete mystery why the different brands in general, and the stores in particular, does not use the spaces and mediums they own and control for marketing. Labels on bottles and in clothes, for example. What could be a better place for brand building? I personally find the brands who are able to talk with the world by using unexpected spaces and have a strong concept enough to pull it off, are the brands ready to face the future. Your personal feedback on this assignment will make you more aware of effective ways to communicate brand value and at the same time endorse arguments for a product at point of sales.

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Learn Copywriting by Creating Five Print Ads for Beer Placed in The Metro

Every media placement features its own unique possibility to talk with its audience. This is a fact I find disturbingly neglected by most buyers of advertising. The common view on outdoor print is a typical example of this stupidity. But now it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! This assignment will open your eyes and turn the dull stations of the metro into an exciting story. First of all, I want you to step outside and take a walk. Look at all the outdoor print units you can spot and really think about how you perceive them. If you got a car, drive around for a while. Think about how the communication from the street billboards affects you. Then descend into the metro and get down to business! Your personal feedback on this assignment will improve the way you create an outdoor print ad.

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Learn Screenwriting By Writing an Exposition Scene Where the Protagonist Tell Her Backstory By Ordering Coffee

Exposition is when a character reveals important information to the audience about themselves. But as we all know, just plainly having the protagonist telling us what’s going is boring, so you need to hide it. I find that hiding exposition well in dialogue is a skill that the best screenwriters put a lot of effort into–and so should you! By getting feedback on this assignment you will improve your skill of hiding exposition. And your scripts will certainly get better.

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Learn Graphic Design by Creating a Pictogram Showing That Book Burning Is Forbidden, As Minimalistic as Possible

Reducing and simplifying symbols to the bare core of what needs to be communicated but still understandable in just fractions of a second is a skill that only the best graphic designers truly master. I believe that training in subtracting details to make the message clearer is a must, especially if you want to work in a traditional Scandinavian design way. By doing this assignment you will reflect on visual semiotics and how to use pictograms and visual language in general so it conveys complex messages. I know that you will be a better designer just by trying to complete this assignment. Get personalized feedback on your pictogram will grow your skill in communicative graphic design by reducing details.

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Learn Graphic Design by Drawing a Logotype Where the Letters EAT Also Forms the Shape of Something Eatable

The skill to cleverly find and combine shapes is something every great graphic designer constantly train. When I look at designers portfolios, especially students that want to work with corporate identity design their skill to combine shapes in innovative ways always win me over. When you become good at this it’s more a question of what shapes you should combine to communicate want you want instead of what shapes are easily combined. This is a great assignment to become better at logo design but combining shapes is a skill that makes you a better graphic designer no matter of if you designing a whole brand identity, a magazine or a poster. I will give you personalized feedback on your Eatable logo design so you know how you can improve your game.

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Course: Screenwriting – Write a Feature Film

From idea to completing a script. This course will teach you how to work and develop structure, characters, conflicts, dialogue and all other things necessary to write a feature film script. After completing the assignments in this course and learning from the feedback by a professional scriptwriter, you will have earned the following skills:

• Understanding the importance of dramaturgic structure
• The ability of developing an idea into a move script
• The knowledge of how to format a script
• Visual storytelling

Frank Tutor also believe that the feedback you’ll receive will make you find your own voice in scriptwriting.

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Learn Copywriting by Writing a Christmas Story

Understanding the impact a text-format has on text-content is one of the most important lessons to be learned when becoming a copywriter. But I find that we all need to be remembered from time to time of the structural factors of a text. So every copywriter from newbie to nestor, here is an assignment for you all! By writing a christmans story you will improve your writing by making you more aware of two important building blocks of a text–Tone of Voice and Genre. And as a copywriter you will of course have to think about the core values of Christmas.

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Learn Screenwriting by Writing Your Movie Script As a One Liner

Pitching a movie script should make investors fired up and ready to invest in your film. And to my opinion you find the one liner at the very core of pitching a script. Get this straight and you’ve got a far better chance of raising money to do your film! But in addition to this, I often find the one liner pitching exercise to be the acid test of ideas. If you can’t explain it short and snappy, it’s not an idea worth holding on to. Will your ideas stand their ground? Get personal feedback on your one liners and improve your skills in scriptwriting.

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